Hi There, today i want to share Vivo Y71 firmware, this file can be used for Vivo Y71 hard reset and Vivo Y71 FRP bypass purposes. This mean, when your forgot the pattern lock or password you can reset it using this firmware. Remember, this operation will erase all user data, include; photo, video, message, chat, contact and other use data.

Vivo Y71 Hard Reset and FRP Bypass.

  1. Download and install MiFlash 20161222 for 64bits windows (its contain driver)
  2. File Vivo Y71 FRP reset and Hard Reset (contain userdata only)
  3. Disassembly Vivo Y71 and unplug the battery
  4. Connect this 2 point and then attach USB cable (it may need re-attached / repeat procedure until driver correctly installed). After detected, release the test point.

  5. Open MiFlash and click "refresh" to detect device
  6. Choose "Browse" menu to load firmware
  7. Execute "Flash" and wait until flashing userdata finished
  8. Done
You may use this file and flash with any other tools which support Qualcomm CPU and please do not use crack version, if you don't have original tools then use MiFlash.

We are sorry, this file has been password protected but don't worry it's free. Write down your email and we will send the code directly. I hope this help you.

Well, there is no immortal services on the net just like human being so, here the end of another free services from Google product, known as Google URL Shortener (goo.gl). We recommend you to download your url database in CSV format and use another URL shortener.

If you have existing goo.gl short links, you can continue to use all features of goo.gl console for a period of one year, until March 30, 2019, when we will discontinue the console. You can manage all your short links and their analytics through the goo.gl console during this period.

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Redmi Pro IMEI repair it can be done easy because it's MT6797 CPU not Qualcomm. Remember, this solution tested on Baseband not corrupted so, you have to check first the Baseband in About menu under Settings.

Redmi Pro Repair IMEI

- Driver (must download from here)
- Maui_META_v9.1604.02.00
- MDDB_InfoCustomAppSrcP (part of Redmi Pro fastboot rom)

Steps Redmi Pro IMEI Repair
  1. Install MTK driver
  2. Install Maui META
  3. Open Maui META and Turn off your phone then attach it
  4. Install driver, if necessary re-attach so, the software recognize it
  5. The rest, follow the video

[youtube src="ov73DCCBgx4"/]


Redmi 5 Bypass FRP MIUI Android 7.1. There are already many guides but here i want to add more ways to bypass FRP Redmi 5 but i will give you all steps here so, it easier to understand.

Redmi 5 Bypass FRP MIUI 9.5 Android 7.1 Method 1

  1. At Wi-Fi stage, Add Network, write something (in network name) and highlight them, and select share (  )  then choose Message icon
  2. Write Youtube.com at message then highlight again, now open the link (  )
  3. When Youtube app opened, select Privacy Policy (  ) (at top right youtube menu)
  4. Now you should in browser app, now download desired APK for Redmi 5 FRP bypass
  5. Download Apex Launcher APK and Bypass FRP 2018 APK (If necessary, download Google Account Manager)     
Steps Installing Android APK
  • Install Google Account Manager 7.1
  • Install Apex Launcher then open the app.
  • Install Bypass FRP 2018 then setup new google account
You can open Apex Launcher through QuickShortcut Maker APK

Method 2 with PC / Laptop

Why need another bypass FRP methods? Yes, don't know for some reasons, error occurred when open Bypass FRP APK so, you can't create new account (or login with different google email).
  1. Using QuickShortcut APK, open Apex Launcher
  2. Open Settings menu, enable both USB Debugging and USB Debugging (security settings)
  3. Now reboot in fastboot, reset FRP using Qualcomm FRP Tool
To enable Developer Options, simply tap MIUI version info in About phone menu. Open Developer Options menu in Settings, you will see all menus in there. Remember, this methods only if OEM Unlocking options disabled.

It is necessary to change media folder to sub domain? Just for some reason, you can do it because it make more pretty and easier to manage. There are simple steps for new website that doesn't have image or media. After installation Wordpress finished, immediately change it.

Change Media / Image Folder Wordpress for New Website

  1. Access your Wordpress admin page > Options
  2. Change the upload_path and upload_url_path folder to desire location, example:
    upload_path            /home/user/your_subdomain_folder
    upload_url_path    hxxp://your_subdomain.main_domain.com
  3. Save the setting
  4. Open Settings > Media, un-check the:
    □ Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folder. If you want the wordpress create year folder.
  5. Now, your image will stored at your subdomain folder

Change Media / Image Folder Wordpress for Live Site

  1. Follow exact steps above
  2. Copy the image or other media to your subdomain
  3. Open phpMyAdmin at your CPANEL and in wp_options run below query under SQL Tab
    [code type="Query"]UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content,'hxxp//yourdomain.com/wp-content/uploads','hxxp://yoursubdomain.domain.com')[/code]
  4. If your images / media indexed, you can delete the media from old folder
All existing images might have been indexed by the search engines with old URLs which will now result in 404 error since you have changed/deleted the old folder and moved your images to new subdomain. Here you need to setup a permanent 301 redirect as below in .htaccess file of your main domain.
[code type=".htaccess"]RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain\.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.yourdomain\.com$
RewriteRule ^wp\-content\/uploads\/?(.*)$ "http\:\/\/subdomain\.yourdomain\.com\/$1" [R=301,L][/code]
I hope this more easier than long descriptions but make new Wordpress comer confused.

Download Latest Wordpress

Name:Evoluted Directory Listing Script
Release date:2008
Type:PHP Directory Listing Script

The PHP Directory Listing Script is a highly configurable script, allowing you to simply upload one file into a web-accessible directory, and it’ll be turned into a well formatted, mobile friendly directory browser.

Download PHP Directory Script v4 Features:

  • Full mobile browser support.
  • The ability to upload multiple files and restrict the allowed file-types.
  • Support for restricting access to the script by either password or IP Address whitelisting (ideal if you want only yourself and clients to have access!).
  • Support for creating new directories and sub-directories.
  • Upload zip files and extract them automatically, with the option to delete the zip file after it’s been extracted.
  • Optionally hide certain file types, names or extensions, as well as directories.
  • Sort file listings by name, size or last modified date.
  • Finally, the last feature is that the Directory Listing Script now runs as a single file, weighing in at less than 400kb. This means the script runs faster, and is extremely easy to use!
All of the new features can be enabled and disabled individually, so whether you’re looking for a full file manager, or a simple list of downloads, the PHP Directory Listing script has you covered.

1. Unzip the provided files
2. Modify the configuration options as needed at the top of the index.php file.
3. Upload the index.php file to your web-accessible directory
4. You're done! Browse to the directory to see the script in action!

Download PHP Directory Script v4.0.5

Release date:July 4, 18
Type:Directory & Listing

This is the first posting for webmaster category for iSTORED blog! Listable 1.9.3 nulled or previous version has been release on the net but some of end-user unable to import data from customize options in wordpress backend. We have tried Listable previous version also can't import demo content. So, here the manual steps to import demo contents for Listable themes.

Listable - How to Import Demo Content

As previous mentioned, you can import demo contents from Admin Panel > Appearance > Customize. Then when it opened customizer, select, Theme Options > Demo Data > Import demo data.

Manual Import Wordpress Demo Data for Listable

  1. Download previous Listable 1.9.2 or Listable 1.91
  2. Extract the archive and open folder, listable\inc\import\demo-data
  3. Now import demo_data.xml using any wordpress plugins
  4. Admin Panel > Tools > Import > Wordpress Importer > Run (install first if you are not already install)
  5. Run importer and browse to folder demo-data
  6. Wait until import finish.

Listable 1.9.3 - a Friendly Directory Wordpress Theme

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